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Ari, can you and your sister go get the bread from the bakery? 

props goes to Rin for the idea!
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5 am Epros scribbles.
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Art trade with Sam! 
Thanks for letting me draw your cutie~

Her half of the trade~
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Franky for Cat!

Commission info 
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First commission from tumblr and also of 2014!
For the lovely Missj !
Commission info
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Hey! I’m opening commissions again for a little while + v +
If anyone’s interested, please take the time to check for more info here on my DA.
I’ll only be accepting paypal sorry but thank you for taking the time to look!
If you don’t have a DA but still wish to order just send me an ask or Email me at ouo/ 
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Wh y isn’t there more maggie and robert in the okage tags :’I 


It’s Christmas and I want to give my followers a nice little present, so send me an ask with the character you want. They will all have this style.


I’ll only do a few so Go go gooo